P3/4 Enterprise

We have been  busy making Christmas Tree decorations and Candle Jars for our class enterprise.  These will be avalible to buy on Friday at a cost of 50p (Candle holders) and £1.00 (for the tree). There is one of each available per child in our class only.  Please bring money in on Monday 10th if you wish to buy one.  Thank youIMG_0122


Scholastic Book Fair

We look forward to seeing you all at our Open Afternoon tomorrow (2pm) and sharing some Maths and Science activities . The Scholastic Book Fair will take place in the school hall and will follow the same system as last year. You take your choice of book up to the ordering table where your order […]

via Scholastic Book Fair — Primary 6/7 ~ Miss MacDonald

P.E. fun with beanbags!

We had P.E. with Mrs MacVicar and her class on the Astroturf this afternoon. We threw  and caught a beanbag as high and low as we could. Then we tried throwing and catching it while we clapped our hands. Mrs MacVicar was able to throw a bean bag under her leg, clap her hands and catch it! In pairs we had a beanbag on our heads and threw and caught it to each other 10 times. After that we did it on one leg which was pretty tricky!


We have been exploring our class Numicon areas.  The children have been learning about the different shapes and ways to create different numbers using the Numicon parts.

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